Start The Success Habit Now

Dawn Kaiser, The Village Business Institute

Have you ever heard yourself utter the word “someday?” For example, “someday when life slows down I’ll focus on my passion.” Or “someday when the kids are grown we will travel the world.” If you have, you are not alone. I have been guilty of using the word “someday” too. That is until I read the book, “The One Thing” by Gary Keller. I picked up this book one evening and could not put it down until the final page was read.

In the book, Gary talks about living on purpose which I absolutely love since I am a very purpose-driven person, but what really caught my attention was his “Goal Setting to the Now” method. The Goal Setting to the Now focuses on “training your mind how to think, how to connect one goal with the next over time until you know the most important thing you must do right NOW” (Keller, p. 152). He uses the visual of a domino run and about the momentum that happens when one domino is knocked over into another one into another and so on and so forth. We can do the same with our goals.

The beautiful part of Keller’s method is that it is simple and yet powerful. Below are the seven questions you need to ask yourself to start a success habit of living in the now.

1. What’s the One Thing I want to do someday?

2. Based on your someday goal, what’s the One Thing you can do in the next five years to achieve that?

3. Based on your five-year goal, what’s the One Thing you can do this year to achieve that?

4. Based on your one-year goal, what’s the One Thing you can do this month to achieve that?

5. Based on your monthly goal, what’s the One Thing you can do this week to achieve that?

6. Based on your weekly goal, what’s the One Thing you can do today to achieve that?

7. Based on your daily goal, what’s the One Thing you can do right now to achieve that?

To know your someday goal is how you begin, but in order to achieve it you need to be able to identify the steps you need to take along the way and what you can do right now. Otherwise we tend to procrastinate or go back to waiting for “someday”. So follow not only Gary Keller’s method, but also the advice of Lao Tzu who once said “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Here is hoping you can connect today to all your tomorrows and live with purpose.

About the Blogger
As an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Trainer with The Village Business Institute, Dawn Kaiser lives her passion to energize, encourage and equip individuals to live stronger. She is a motivational speaker, writer, blogger, teacher, leader and positive-thinker extraordinaire. Dawn draws on more than twelve years of experience in the Human Resource/Organizational Development field and has a Bachelor’s of Business Administration and a Master of Education. She is also a certified HR Professional.

Dawn specializes in communication, leadership, high performance teams and personal development. Dawn also enjoys unleashing hope in her community and around the world through her speaking, writing and volunteer opportunities.