4 Lessons That ‘The Voice’ Can Teach Hiring Managers

By Dawn Kaiser
The Village Business Institute

I confess I am an avid viewer of The Voice, NBC’s vocal competition television program. Now you might ask why do I like the show? No, it’s not just because of Blake Shelton and Adam Levine, although they are not too shabby to look at. Rather, I think we can learn a great deal from The Voice on how to hire great employees and build stellar teams.

Here are 4 lessons that The Voice can teach hiring managers:

  1. Listen to the individual’s “voice” for qualities and characteristics: The first time The Voice coaches meet the talent is in the “Blind Auditions” where they are not allowed to see the individual. They make their selections based solely on an individual’s voice. This requires that they listen intently to tone, range, breath, and other factors that impact a singer’s success. Imagine how your hiring might improve if you listened this intently when the other person spoke. Define the qualities and characteristics that impact a person’s success in your field or industry, and then listen for them when you interview the individual.
  1. Focus on hiring for potential, not perfection: The coaches don’t select only the singers who have a perfect audition, because honestly very few are perfect. Instead they focus on the potential of the singer. Do they think the singer has the motivation and capability to grow and become a star? The singers they choose might not have the most experience, but drive and determination can take them far. So during your hiring process, keep an open mind when evaluating candidates and be willing to look for those “diamonds in the rough.” You never know, they just might surprise you and become the standout employee you have been looking for.
  1. Hold auditions: The Voice doesn’t hold just one audition, they actually have three rounds before you make the final performances, which is when the public votes. Each round is meant to test the individuals to help the coaches determine which person has what it takes to go all the way. Now I am not saying we should hold singing auditions, although if you are Cold Stone Creamery you might do just that. But for the rest of us–is there a way to have candidates actually show us they have the talent instead of just talking about it. For example, if you are hiring engineers, could they take a coding test, or could would-be project managers try to impress you with some client-project role plays? Think of how you could move past the talk, to make sure the potential employee knows how to walk.
  1. Seek input from others: Especially during the “Battle” and “Knockout” rounds, the team coach on The Voice gets to listen to what his or her fellow coaches have to say about the performances before he or she chooses a winner. As a hiring manager, it is beneficial to include others in the interview process in order to gauge different perspectives on the candidates and hear what they have to say as to the potential for team and organizational fit.

Once you have hired the individual, be willing to focus on helping him or her become a better version of who he or she wants to be. Not only does each individual receive a personal coach on The Voice, but they also get a mentor which varies from team to team, and they can a receive special coaching from a well-known expert right before the last “Knockout Round.” Be willing to invest in your employees and give them the tools, feedback, and opportunities they need to achieve success. If you follow the hiring lessons and engagement strategy included in this article, you might just find you have a team of rising stars who will create magic for your organization just like the talent does on The Voice.

Live Joy-filled. Lead Joy-filled. Serve Joy-filled.

VBI corporate trainer Dawn Kaiser

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Dawn Kaiser is an inspirational educator, joyologist, blogger, altruist, and positive thought leader. She specializes in heart-driven leadership, positive psychology and personal achievement. Dawn focuses on helping hundreds of clients all over the world thrive both personally and professionally in life through her work at The Village Business Institute. Find her on Facebook, Twitter (@joyrefueler), LinkedIn or online at www.dawnmkaiser.com.