Stop Trying To Achieve Work-Life Balance Like You’re Weighing Fruit On A Scale

The Village’s John Trombley shares an interesting take on work-life balance. It’s not about getting each element to equal a certain amount, like weighing your produce at the grocery store, he writes. It’s a matter of personal priorities.

Work-life balance is an interesting concept. Many people have written about it, conducted research on it, and trained countless numbers of us in how to achieve it. You would think with all that focus we would all be well-balanced and happy by now, but apparently that’s more wishful thinking than reality.

If there were an “easy” button that you and I could press to make all things right, we would have pressed it already, right? A more realistic view is that for one person, being balanced is a different experience than that of another person. That is, what you consider to be balanced may not fit my circumstances at all …

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Perhaps instead of thinking that work and life are two separate entities each vying for our time and attention, we might be better off being brutally honest with ourselves about what matters most to us in the little time we have to walk this planet.

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