Closing The Generation Gap At Work

Tweet By Dawn Kaiser The Village Business Institute  Generations in the workplace are a hot topic, and for the most part, you don’t have to convince people that generations really do matter. In a survey released by the Pew Research Center a few years ago, “79% of Americans say there are major differences in the…
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Be Vulnerable In Order To Be Great

In the past I would have identified vulnerability as a weakness. It was the Achilles heel you didn’t want to reveal. However, I have noticed over the past few a paradigm shift is taking place. Influential and inspiring leaders are starting to talk about vulnerability as a path to greatness—one that takes real strength and courage.

Start Thinking Big

I believe thinking big has gone to the wayside and small thoughts and short-term thinking have become the norm. It doesn’t have to stay that way. Bestselling author Michael Port has created a “Think Big Revolution,” where he states that “big thinking must happen now; today, tomorrow and forevermore.”

What’s Your Genius? What’s Tour Center?

Last weekend I went to the movie, The Rise of the Guardians, with my six year-old niece. Although the main plot of the movie was your typical fight between good and evil, the second storyline about a character trying to find his purpose in life captured my attention.

Embrace The Journey, Not Just The Destination

When we stay focused on the destination, we tend to miss the journey. Don’t forget to take life one day at a time and appreciate all that you have been given. Whatever journey you are on today, wherever you are at, and whatever you are going through—the process of walking your path is the true essence of a life well lived.