Make Continuous Learning Your New Habit

Continuous learning is a mindset and a habit that you act upon each every day. When it comes to learning you will never reach a point where you know it all, despite what some say, and you will never live long enough to exhaust all the amazing possibilities of life.

Live Greater Than Yourself!

I am re-reading a book this week called “Greater Than Yourself” by Steve Farber, in which the author puts his own unique twist on the old adage “invest yourself in others.” Farber states that “the measure of your greatness as a leader is to develop leaders who are greater than you.” I would say that is true not just for leaders in a company, but for all people in both their personal or professional lives. Each of us has an opportunity to influence and impact others in order to help them to become all they are meant to be.

8 Ways To Make Your Customers Smile

“80% of companies believe they are delivering a superior experience to their customers, but only 8% of customers said that companies were really delivering.” How can we close the gap between what customers expect and their perception of what they get?