Professional Athletes, Domestic Violence, And Due Process

It has been kind of a rough time for fans of professional football. Game statistics and conversations about next week’s match-ups have so often been replaced by reports of players involved in domestic violence and child abuse. The NFL and its culture have been vocally called into question by sports reporters, abuse experts (real and…
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High-tech Communication Isn’t Always Best … Even At A High-tech Company

Tweet  By Darrin Tonsfeldt The Village Business Institute I recently had the opportunity to tour Menlo Innovations and hear its CEO, Richard Sheridan, speak on the way they work. The company is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan and does software design and development. It’s the kind of business you would expect to have a very…
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Prejudice On “The Voice”

Do The Voice “white boy” comments cross the line? While probably not meant to be prejudicial, the comments led this writer to reflect on how important it is to be aware of our biases and prejudices–and how they can affect the decisions we make as leaders.

Protecting Your Employees From Workplace Violence

Violence does not just affect the primary victim, but everyone in the organization with a relationship to either the victim or perpetrator. The ripples can become riptides that pull co-workers apart, creating a work environment that feels unsafe.

Trained Employees Waiting At The Station

What is an employer to do, train or not train? As with many questions, this question does not have a black and white, yes or no answer. It is reasonable to expect applicants for jobs to have skills applicable to the position they are applying for. It is also a reality of our current economic and technological times that the pace of change has increased and the regulatory environment has gotten more complex. The applicant who was highly qualified and able to perform all the essential functions of the job can quickly become the employee with outdated skills. I think we need to reframe the question—is this particular employee worth training?