I Feel Your Pain

“I feel your pain” was a line often attributed to Bill Clinton during better economic times than we are now experiencing. Today, despite lower U.S. Initial Jobless Claims (Dept. of Labor), banks with solid financial performance, and a large number of corporations flush with cash, theU.S.stock market is reeling and rolling down hill. In its tumbling wake goes the confidence of consumers which ultimately impacts the demand for goods and the economy’s potential for creating jobs. Employers have been left with an uncertain and unpredictable political and regulatory landscape managed by bureaucrats interested only in creating more rules and bureaucracies, and politicians either unwilling or too inept to deal with the issues at hand.

Make Time For Input In A Go-Faster World

By Darrin Tonsfeldt The Village Business Institute Have you ever had a day when it felt like all your customers had short attention spans and unreasonable needs for instant gratification? If “yes,” then you know what it is like to be pushed into making decisions quicker than you would like —and that making quick decisions…
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The Inconvenience Of Priorities

Can having a sense of the priorities in your life create dilemmas? I recently had one of those situations where demands of seemingly competing importance came up at the same time.

Workplace Conflict: Who Is The ‘real’ Bully?

In the sporting world; hockey, football, soccer or any other sport, the player who gets the penalty is not always the one who started it. This is also true in arguments between couples, children, and co-workers. Management personnel need to know that taking a complaint of bullying at just face value can result in some faulty decision making.

Best Friends At Work: Pros And Cons To Workplace Buddies

What do you think about having best friends at work? Management and human resource consultants commonly believe that employees who have friendships at work are more likely to stay in their jobs. I’ve seen this first hand when I’ve consulted with employees who were unhappy in their jobs but didn’t want to leave because of their…
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