How Avoiding “Why?” Can Improve Your Business Communication

Tweet By John E. Trombley, MMgt The Village Business Institute In my last blog post, “A better question to ask,” I explored the metamorphosis I experienced when I learned to ask myself the question, “What?” versus “Why?” Today, I want to visit with you about the difference in those two simple questions as they apply…
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‘What?’ Instead Of ‘Why?’ A Better Question To Ask

By John E. Trombley, MMgt The Village Business Institute Every once in a while I find myself staring in the mirror trying to comprehend what has just transpired, attempting to make sense of it all. Sometimes the answer is painfully clear while other times the answer remains clouded in mystery. When those times of self-doubt…
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Give Yourself The Gift Of Presence This Holiday Season

Here are some simple, quick, low demand tips to help set the stage for a happier, more present holiday experience.

Work Happy Now

Are you happy at work? If you answered “no,” you are not alone. A survey conducted by the Conference Board revealed that “only 45% of workers are happy at their jobs.” Given how much time we spend at work, I think it’s worth taking the time to consider how we can increase our happiness.

Prejudice On “The Voice”

Do The Voice “white boy” comments cross the line? While probably not meant to be prejudicial, the comments led this writer to reflect on how important it is to be aware of our biases and prejudices–and how they can affect the decisions we make as leaders.