5 Tips For Building Trust In The Workplace

There is no single activity that will build trust overnight. We establish and create trust with each other over time through consistent actions, behaviors, and values.

Tending Relationships And Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

Three and one-half months ago, my wife Debbie and I moved into our newly-built home, a perfect combination for a “country boy” and a “city girl.” We say “we built it” because we initiated the process and were involved in so many aspects of building our home “from soup to nuts.” If you’ve ever been in that position, you can identify with all the little decisions that have to be made that finally come together to create an intricate masterpiece.

Protecting Your Employees From Workplace Violence

Violence does not just affect the primary victim, but everyone in the organization with a relationship to either the victim or perpetrator. The ripples can become riptides that pull co-workers apart, creating a work environment that feels unsafe.

Awkward, But Important In Business: Understanding A Foreign Accent

Trouble understanding someone’s foreign accent on the phone? The Village Business Institute’s Jeanne Hettich provides tips for understanding and communicating with someone whose native language differs from your own.

Practicing Mindfulness

By Denise Hellekson The Village Business Institute  Remember the days when summer seemed to stretch ahead of you like a blank canvass waiting to be filled with adventures and magical moments? Childhood summers were a time to slow down, relax, and enjoy being in the moment. Then we grew up. Now most people’s summers are…
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