Gender And Leadership

I recently attended a graduation ceremony for a Women’s Leadership Program, one of my supervisees was graduating and invited me. It was a wonderful ceremony with passionate speakers chosen from a group of women who will have a strong influence on their organizations and communities. I could just leave it at that, but there was a…
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Tough Love In Management: Lessons Learned The Hard Way

My twelve-year-old son learned a tough lesson the other day. He has been saving up for an Xbox; mowing lawn, birthday money, good grades [I pay for A’s] and whatever extra chores he can do. He kept his saved cash in nice little piles on his desk and despite warnings from both his mom and…
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Workplace Conflict: Who Is The ‘real’ Bully?

In the sporting world; hockey, football, soccer or any other sport, the player who gets the penalty is not always the one who started it. This is also true in arguments between couples, children, and co-workers. Management personnel need to know that taking a complaint of bullying at just face value can result in some faulty decision making.

In Defense Of Bullies … Sort Of

By Darrin Tonsfeldt The Village Business Institute Is there an epidemic of bullies in the workplace or is this just the infliction of the month of which the popular media is most enamored? I have no doubt about the existence of bullies in workplaces and schools, but I’m not sure they are the “lesser human…
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Best Friends At Work: Pros And Cons To Workplace Buddies

What do you think about having best friends at work? Management and human resource consultants commonly believe that employees who have friendships at work are more likely to stay in their jobs. I’ve seen this first hand when I’ve consulted with employees who were unhappy in their jobs but didn’t want to leave because of their…
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