People Don’t Like To Be Ignored: The Value Of A Return Call (or Email Or Text)

What does it say about you when you do not return a call, e-mail or text from a vendor? How do you feel as a vendor when a customer doesn’t return your call, e-mail, or text? How we communicate with each other, regardless of our position as the vendor or customer, is a powerful part…
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Is It Time To Fire That Well-liked (but Under-performing) Employee?

Have you ever supervised someone who is a very good person but does not perform worth a darn? This is a fairly common, and tricky, situation faced by managers.

Jobs (even Low-wage) Jobs Can Teach Valuable Lessons

Rachel Farrell’s article for MSN (3/21/2011), “4 jobs everyone should have” got me thinking about the importance of early career jobs. She listed four positions that she believes teach valuable lessons—server, retail clerk, customer service and manual labor. In my own career I have worked in three of the four; retail clerk, customer service, and…
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Who Are The Unsung Heroes At Your Business?

The recent accidental death of a high school classmate got me thinking not just of the pain of loss, but also the vacuum created when someone you count on is gone.

Charlie Sheen And The Impact Of Employee Behavior On The Business

By Darrin Tonsfeldt The Village Business Institute Reports on Charlie Sheen’s seemingly outlandish life seem to be everywhere. So what do you think—is Charlie a mad genius or just mad? Whatever your opinion about Charlie, his behavior does point to an issue employers have to deal with on occasion—the issue of an employee who embarrasses…
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