Tiger Mothers, Laissez Faire Parents, And Productivity In Society

In light of all the uproar about Amy Chua’s book “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother,” what impact do you think parenting has on how productive we are as a society? Does the extremely strict parenting outlined in Chua’s memoir lead to more productive adults—or does it increase adult psychosis?

You Might Be A Micromanager If…

By John Trombley, Organizational Consultant The Village Business Institute Micromanagement is one of those terms that raises employee hackles and makes some supervisors become defensive. At one extreme end of the spectrum of behaviors and attitudes relevant to this phenomena is the employee who rebels against being told what to do or how to do…
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Why do some managers feel a need to involve themselves in every little detail that goes on in their department or business? The following answers to that question are from three consulting clients I have worked with over the years. Bob, a highly skilled engineer who supervises a team of four, explained his behavior this…
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Got Great Employees? Here’s Some Help Keeping Them On The Bus

Now that you have the right people on your team, or as the saying goes, “the right people on the bus and in the right seats,” how do you keep them on the bus and going in the right direction? I’m talking about more than just riding along until the next opportunity comes down the road.

Hiring Employees Who Do More Than “park Their Brain At The Door”

In other words, delegating only the crappy jobs and ordering employees around will not get you a highly motivated work force. If you really care about having employees who think, create and want to add value, the place to start is in how you recruit employees.