Keys To Employee Production

Management consultants and speakers often say the key to employee productivity is empowerment and engagement in the workplace. Unfortunately, most of us “talk the talk” of developing work cultures that emphasize empowerment and engagement, but we don’t necessarily follow through with actions that lead to that type of work culture.

Conflict Resolution Or Mediation: What’s The Difference?

Conflict resolution or mediation: what is the difference? The short answer is that mediation is just one of many possible conflict resolution strategies.

Chuckle, Chuckle: Humor At Work

When take ourselves less seriously and are able to laugh at our own shortcomings, we are often at our best in terms of productivity.

In The Beginning

Welcome to Good People, Good Business, a blog created by The Village Business Institute.  In this blog, I will share my ideas and the passion I have for the world of business and our place in it as human beings. Nothing in business happens without the involvement of people—this might seem like an obvious statement,…
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